Commercial Snow Plowing for Companies of all Sizes

For many people the thought of snow means having to shovel their sidewalk early in the morning or deciding whether it’s safe to drive that morning, but for business owners the thought of snow is a reminder that they’re responsible for the condition of a parking lot or driveway, where if an accident occurs, they could be held accountbale for the accident. Because of this reality, it’s important for business owners to have reliable snow removal crew that they can count on at a moment’s notice.

At Strickler Exacavating, our drivers are ready at a moment's notice for commercial snow removal in Berks, Lancaster, and Lebanon, PA. We understand that accumulated snow can wreak havoc on your parking lots and driveways, as melting ice and snow seeps into tiny cracks in the pavement. This disaster can cause spalling, potholes, and can lead to uneven surfaces hazardous to vehicles and pedestrians. Our snow plowing business promptly removes the snow and ice to help avoid these situations.

With our quick snow removal, we ensure that your business is ready for opening time. We can get the winter elements removed before your customers arrive, allowing a safe environment for automobiles and foot traffic. Our drivers are dedicated to you and your business! We can work around your schedule, arriving before your employees do or plowing the snow between shift changes.

A Dedicated Snow Removal Fleet

Snow Plowing Supplies in Reading, PA

We maintain a large fleet of snow plowing equipment and our trucks are always ready to get on the road. By paying close attention to weather forecasts, we are able to prep our fleet and be out the door to handle all of your commercial snow plowing needs. With dozens of snow plows, we have the capacity your business needs.

Committed Snow Plowing Business in Sinking Spring, PA

Professional Snow Removal in Lancaster, PA

Our fleet of snow plows can handle any sized parking lot. From small businesses to strip malls, shopping center parking lots to office complexes, we do it all. Our company is proud to be one of the top snow plowing businesses in Reading, Berks, Lancaster, and Lebanon, PA. No job is too big for our committed snow removal team!

With more than 30 years of experience with snow plowing properties of all types, you can trust us to efficiently get the job done. Each year, we plow the snow off of more than 2,000,000 square feet of blacktop! To meet your needs, we offer routine and occasional snow removal services in and around Reading, PA. In addition to snow plowing, we are prepared to handle all of your excavating, hauling and paving needs.

Contact us today to learn more or to make arrangements for snow plowing services with our dependable team!