Professional Excavator Services in PA

Start your residential or commercial construction, building, improvement, or development project off on the right foot by putting Strickler Excavating to work for you. For more than 30 years, we've been providing reliable excavating services in Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, and surrounding counties!

One Excavation Company for Every Need

Commercial Excavation Company in Reading, PA

When completing an excavating job of any size, you want one company that can handle it all. With Strickler Excavating, that is possible! Our local excavating company has the resources necessary to efficiently handle all aspects of excavation from start to finish.

We're able to meticulously plan all types of excavation projects and work within tight deadlines to achieve the desired results. We can even help with snow plowing and removal when excess snow becomes an issue. Whether we're working directly with a client or being subcontracted, our dedicated excavators will carefully pay attention to every detail of the project, provide an accurate, up-front estimate, and oversee the work with reliable on-site management. Our local excavation services include, but aren't limited to:

  • Septic system installations and repairs
  • Excavation of footers
  • Storm sewer system installations and repairs
  • Rough and final grading

PA Residential Excavating

Residential Excavation Contractors Lancaster PA

Our team of highly trained excavators serve Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon, and surrounding counties, and are able to handle the unique requirements of residential excavation. Securing of necessary permits, adhering to zoning requirements and homeowners' association guidelines are just a few of the extra steps we take to ensure you a stress-free experience.

You're welcome to turn to us for complete land site development from the initial planning and design to the completion of all required excavation work. We can also handle smaller projects such as digging for septic system repair. We'll properly dispose of excess material and ensure that the newly excavated site is ready for the next phase of the project. Our residential excavation expertise extends to:

  • Creating spaces for pools and other property additions
  • Getting a site ready for a home's new foundation
  • Preparing ground for new driveways
  • Basement excavation

Adding Value to Commercial Excavation Experiences

We're prepared to handle both smaller and more extensive commercial excavation projects with equal efficiency. We have an established team of excavation experts who understand the specific requirements of preparing sites for commercial purposes. For more demanding projects, we can coordinate efforts with other subcontractors or determine the most efficient way to complete the project while staying within established time frames and budgets. Working with our loyal excavation company also ensures that excess materials are disposed of according to local regulations or recycled. Our commercial excavation services include:

  • Site development
  • Private and public excavation
  • Hauling and removal
  • Earth Moving

Make a smart investment and turn to Strickler Excavating for your residential and commercial excavation needs. Whether you're building a new home in Reading, PA, or adding space for a parking lot for your business in Lancaster, our excavators got you covered. Call today to discuss your project with us or one of our experts!

Professional Excavating Contractors Repairing Driveway Before
Excavating Services Completed in Reading, PA After