Asphalt Millings for Sale

If you’re a property owner looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional paving, look no further than the asphalt millings for sale from Strickler Excavating. Perfect for driveways or roadways leading to your home or place of business, asphalt millings have become a popular choice for residential and commercial customers in recent years. Our asphalt millings for sale are great for all types of projects and are available to customers throughout Berks County and the surrounding area. We also provide the option of selling our asphalt millings directly to you or using them to pave your driveway or parking lot.

What Exactly are Asphalt Millings?

asphalt millings residential property

If you’re unfamiliar with asphalt millings, what they are is recycled pavement from roads, parking lots. etc. ground into small pieces with the intention of being repurposed. As an alternative to gravel or a brand-new asphalt surface, asphalt millings are far less expensive, yet they have the same stability and performance as freshly paved asphalt. It goes without saying, asphalt millings are a very attractive option for property owners.

Who are the Best Candidates for an Asphalt Millings Driveway?

asphalt millings driveway PA

Any property owner looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional paving will benefit from an asphalt millings driveway, however farmers standout as great candidates because of the many surfaces that surround their property’s which would be more serviceable if paved. Rainy weather can quickly turn areas around barns and other buildings into a mess, especially when heavy equipment is in use. Additionally, any home or business owner with a long driveway or a significant amount of walkway would be wise to consider an asphalt millings driveway.

Advantages of Recycled Asphalt Millings

Outside of its bargain price, recycled asphalt millings are great because they don’t require refinishing or resurfacing and are highly resistant to harsh weather. Once this material has been installed, it looks and performs like asphalt. Because recycled asphalt millings are ground asphalt, they are bound together by the elements found in asphalt giving it a significant advantage over stone.

Below are before and after pictures of a recent job where we applied asphalt millings to a residential driveway. Per the customer's request, the millings were not compacted.

unpaved asphalt milling driveway Before
paved asphalt milling driveway After

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If you’re in the market for asphalt millings, look no further than Strickler Excavating. We’re a skilled contractor that has been serving Berks County and Central PA for over 35 years. We’ve earned a reputation for quality and pride ourselves continuing the expert workmanship and professionalism that has helped us become who we are today. To obtain a free quote for asphalt millings, call Strickler Excavating today at 610-546-2162 for pricing or use our contact form and a representative will be in touch shortly!